While my first love will always be photography, I find that family lifestyle videos offer their own unique and special cinematic memories.  One of the greatest joys of parenting little ones is being able to witness a chid’s joy, playfulness, innocence , and curiosity! And what better way to do this than capturing these fleeting moments in video? Kenna Kay Photography is proud to announce that it has now partnered up with Mavon Studios to offer lifestyle family videos in the lower mainland!

The Simple Way

This is what we offered in the family lifestyle video you see above. A simple meeting in the park, where parents are asked to bring some toys or novel items/activities that their child enjoys.  Something simple as a picnic blanket and some snacks is also great for capturing everyday moments on a warm summer day! In this case, we had bubbles as an entertaining element and had some great bonding shots between baby and dog.


Adding a voiceover is a perfect way to personalize your video. Through a voiceover, parents and/or grandparents can share key lessons, advice, and greatest hopes and wishes for their child or grandchild.  Parents can even choose to read out a letter to their child, listing all the things they love about their little one.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to family lifestyle videos.

Editing your home or travel videos!

Family vacations are cherished experiences for parents and kids and we all know too well how important it is to capture video memories on your phone throughout your holiday! Unfortunately, these videos often get lost amongst the hundreds of videos on our phones or it is usually watched one small clip at a time.  Consider this. What if you had a professional editor put together a cinematic reel of all your videos from your trip, along with your choice of music soundtrack? Wouldn’t that be amazing? It can turn your travel videos into an enjoyable viewing experience and will forever be a memory that you and your family can watch and rewatch over and over again! We can also do this with all your home videos as well, whether it is to remember all the little moments throughout the year or to remember/celebrate a specific day or event.

If you have a vision in mind to document  a cinematic family memory of your own, please let us know! We would love to chat!